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I just read that comic today and you have no idea how hard I laughed at this panel.

I'm sorry to bother you again, but you didn't necessarily answer my previous question. My problem wasn't knowing how to unlock them. That was actually quite simple. The real problem was actually pulling it off. That's what I needed tips on. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough last time, and I'm sorry if this sounds a little rude.


No, not rude at all! I just misunderstood.

To get good at an extra stage, you’re going to die. A lot. It’ll be frustrating and monotonous, but just keep hitting continue every time.

Eventually, as you memorize the enemies’ attacks and methods to dodge them, you’ll find that the stage itself is easy and you’re getting to the boss without losing a life nine attempts out of ten.

If you’re playing IN or DDC, you get the advantage of Spell Practice mode. Any other game, though, and you’re just going to want to keep making attempts over and over until… well, you get the hang of all ten spells and beat the boss!

It won’t happen in a day. Maybe practice a bit every day, and stop when you’re bored. I’m able to get about 2/3 of the way through Suwako’s battle and I was only making like 2 attempts a day.

Things to remember:

  • Extra bosses are immune to bombs during spellcards, so you can’t trust your friendly X button. Try to stay under the boss and keep them under fire, deathbombing when necessary. Your main shot is your only source of damage.
  • Don’t keep playing if you start to get frustrated because that happens to me and it just puts me in a terrible mood.

Good luck!

Wait, you probably meant how to beat the main 6 stages, not the extra stage. Fuck, I’m too tired for this. Same thing still applies, though. It’s just a bit easier to beat, though, because there isn’t always a trick to it, you can just dodge everything. Practice makes perfect, though.

I've never managed to unlock any of the extra stages. Do you have any tips for doing so?

To legitimately unlock the extra stages, you have to 1cc (1 continue clear i.e. beat the game without continuing) on at least Normal difficulty.

Or you can just cheat and download scorefiles. There’s a bunch here. I admit to being guilty of doing that. But the extra stages are fun, don’t judge me!

i never defeated an extra boss. do i suck at touhou?

You can’t not suck at Touhou.

Haha, kidding. Extra bosses are really fun because unlike the stage bosses, it isn’t just a matter of being able to dodge all the bullets. There’s a strategy involved, for example, how you have to move under the ‘arms’ in Suwako’s first spell.

While it’s true, you can just watch a YouTube video of the boss and learn the strategy, the fun part is finding out how to beat each spellcard. For me, at least. It’s not too difficult, but the extra stages are long.

Why whenever i search "Ciryes" on google, it recommends me "Cyrus"?

Because the goddess of twerking is infinitely more popular than I am

Nazrin Searchs for Treasur


Coincidence? I think not.

Nazrin confirmed for Aya


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What do you suppose is the hardest danmaku game? I genuinely intrigued, I'd like to try them.

Easily Subterranean Animism or Undefined Fantastic Object. However, both of these games give you unlimited continues, so they’re arguably the easiest if you’re not afraid to use continues. This is just my opinion, though. I’ve heard people say that IN is the hardest game, for example, when I find it to be quite easy.