I'm Ciryes and I'm a huge Touhou nerd

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There. I have an about me page now.

Anonymous asked: Are you really from Ireland, Ciryes?! Will I see you at Nomcon?! (this Friday ~ Sunday, Dublin)

Considering I live in Belfast and my parents would have to drive me there, wait all day and then bring me back again, I highly doubt it. Sorry.

Also I should make an About Me page to actually say this kind of stuff shouldn’t I

'Koishi' can be interpreted to mean 'little rock' if you don't get it


I officially have more followers than posts. Wow.


I just scrolled so far down my dashboard that I saw posts I already saw

the-new-reborn-lord replied to your post: So I was attempting MoF’s extra stage …

I think this bug is because you’ve been standing in the corner as she started her nonspell. The direction of the lazors depend on where you’ve been standing at the start of the previous nonspell. Many people profit of this and go above her at it.

Ah, right, I was above the Point of Collection because there were a few  and  thingies at the top of the screen and I was trying to get them before Suwako started shooting. 

So I was attempting MoF’s extra stage when…

The fuck, Suwako? You’re doing it wrong.