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How Does Seiga’s Hair Stay Up? and 99 Other Unsolved Touhou Mysteries

Wadanohara characters be like

I like to headcanon Koakuma as an asexual succubus who thought her existence had no meaning until she was summoned by Patchouli and became a library assistant and it was the most enjoyable job in the world

cunningbiwa asked: Are you aware there's a god of the toilet named Kanbari NYUUDOU?

Raiko sitting on things

Anonymous asked: please never stop making videos

Of Mice and Men style Touhou story in which Flandre escapes and kills a bunch of humans in the village, so they bring a mob to the mansion, wielding stakes, with Keine and Reimu and all, demanding Remilia hand over Flandre to kill, so they flee and live in hiding.

And Remilia keeps telling Flandre about how they’ll escape to the outside world and find a new home in England or France or something and that it’ll be okay

And then the humans catch up to them and Remilia realizes that she’s got no choice and has to kill Flandre for everyone’s own good

I’m an evil person

Anonymous asked: Hey godlord ciryes, do you know what happened to bkub's chen 4komas?, i really miss them