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I’m going on vacation for two weeks, so I’m on hiatus until then.
Au revoir, I say to my followers, casually dropping a hint towards my destination.

Haha someone unfollowed me

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Anonymous asked: wots demiromantic

Demiromanticism is a romantic orientation in which you don’t feel a romantic attraction to a person until an emotional connection is made. So basically, they wouldn’t have a crush on someone if they didn’t already consider them a friend or was close to them in some other way. For me, it’s that I’d have to be friends (not really just acquaintances) with someone first before thinking of them as a possible partner. So it’s simple really.

Also, this does not apply to sexual attraction at all, but demisexuality is where you don’t experience sexual attraction unless that emotional connection is formed.

Anonymous asked: can u tag sharp objects ?

Sorry, I didn’t know it mattered if it was just the cartoonish depictions from TF2. I will next time.

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